LIMS Integration

Seamless Data Exchange

Interoperability is table stakes in today’s lab environment. Send and receive data with all of the systems that are critical to your business.
We have built a great partnership with Apollo. ApolloLIMS is our hub to connect to all of our partners. There is nothing they can’t do.
—Dr. James Beebe,
Laboratory Director, County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Laboratory

Interface Directly with Lab Instrumentation

Instrument integration – transferring instrument results directly to ApolloLIMS – is vitally important in the quest to automate workflow and drive accuracy and efficiency. ApolloLIMS can interface with instruments involved in clinical chemistry, hematology, GC/MS and LC/MS, and genetic testing, as well as with robotics such as sorters, aliquotters, and liquid handling systems.

All instrument interfaces are native to the Apollo application, which means additional, third-party software is not required.

Representative examples of instrumentation integrations:

ABBOTT Diagnostics Logo
Agilent Technologies Logo
Beckman Coulter Logo
Bio-rad logo
Hologic Logo
Luminex Logo
Olympus Logo
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Logo
Perkin Elmer Logo
Roche Diagnostics Logo
Sciex Logo
Shimadzu Logo
Siemens Logo
Tecan Logo
Thermo Scientific Logo


Send and Receive Data with Provider EMRs

EMRs are often the primary link between laboratories and providers. With a bi-directional interface, enable your customers to place orders, exchange demographic information, and view results directly within their EMR. Workflow is simplified, training time is reduced, and system adoption is accelerated.

Representative examples of EMR integrations:

Athena Logo
Cerner Logo
Eclinical Works Logo
Epic healthcare logo
Greenway Health Logo
GE Healthcare Logo
NextGen Logo
Qualifacts Logo


Integrate with Billing Software Vendors

Streamlining your workflow isn’t just about ordering, processing and reporting — you also need an efficient revenue cycle to increase cash flow.

ApolloLIMS has integrated with nearly all of the major lab revenue cycle vendors to help facilitate a fully automated lab for its customers. ADT (patient demographics) messages, Detailed Financial Transaction (DFT) messages, and PDF exports are all supported to facilitate the flow of information so you can ensure lab operations are in synch with your billing processes.

Representative examples of billing integrations:

AdvancedMD logo
Change Healthcare Logo
Healthpac Logo
HealthFusion Logo
Telcor Logo
Xifin Logo


Connect with Genetic Data
Interpretation Vendors

Demand for genetic testing is growing at a rapid rate. Offering PGx, NGS or other genetic testing to your customers? ApolloLIMS has extensive experience setting up interfaces with genetic data interpretation vendors so you can receive and incorporate critical analysis into your reports.

Representative examples of genetic data integrations:

Coriell Life Sciences Logo
Fabric Genomics Logo
Qiagen Logo
Translational Software Logo
Variantyx Logo


Support of Multiple Formats

To achieve true interoperability, your vendor needs to be flexible. Being able to accommodate different protocols, file formats and data standards is a requirement. With ApolloLIMS, you get flexibility out-of-the-box.

  • HL7 Compliant
  • Application Programming Interface capability
  • Diagnostic and billing codes supported: LOINC, SNOMED, CPT, and ICD-10
  • File formats supported: ASTM, RS-232 serial, secure file transfer, TCP / IP, and XML

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