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Flexible, End-to-End Lab Management

ApolloLIMS gives you the tools to optimize your workflow and run your lab any way you see fit.
It's clear ApolloLIMS was designed by and with laboratorians. It's what separates Apollo from other products.
—Angie Purvis, PhD,
Consultant, Quality & Regulatory Scientific Consulting

A laboratory information management system is the central nervous system of every high-performing lab. With ApolloLIMS, you’re equipped to run your entire laboratory operations from a single, centralized platform.

Here’s how ApolloLIMS helps facilitate the accuracy and efficiency you need to perform at the highest level:


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  • Flexible workflow from order to report
  • Intuitive system navigation
  • Seamless instrument integration
  • Compliant solution to meet regulatory and quality standards
  • Extended reach beyond the lab
  • Scalable platform for future growth

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ApolloLIMS Core System

Power Lab Workflows

ApolloLIMS Core System

Manage Lab Operations

ApolloLIMS Optional Modules

Perfect the Lab Experience

Outreach Portal

Simplify how you connect to customers. ApolloLIMS’s HIPAA-compliant web portal connects your lab with remote sites and provider offices so their staff can place orders, print specimen labels and access reports remotely at any time.

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Now you’re not only facilitating rapid turnaround time; you’re also providing a superior customer experience.

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Supply Orders

Manage supplies used within the laboratory to have full visibility into current inventory levels, as well as manage supplies shipped to customers. Monitor inventory levels, item usage history and minimum order quantities.

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Customer inquiries and outgoing shipments of supplies are tracked using a shipment date and tracking number, and fully manage customer requisitions with the ability to create, edit, print and assign requisitions to a specific account.

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Lab Automation and Workflow Management

Experience effortless laboratory data management for all of your lab’s instrumentation. No middleware required. Whether your lab supports clinical chemistry, toxicology, or genetic testing, or utilizes any type of laboratory robotics, ApolloLIMS seamlessly integrates the data from each of your instruments to efficiently process results, supporting ASTM, RS-232 serial, TCP/IP and file level interfaces.

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Increased automation reduces errors from manual data entry and simplifies how your lab functions.

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Fax Reporting

Reports still need to be faxed at times. Powered by the ApolloLIMS fax interface and a partnership with ZetaFax, reports can be auto faxed to customers from the ApolloLIMS system after the laboratory has approved results.

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Utilize a fax server onsite or a cloud-based fax service.

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Quality Assurance

Confidently meet regulatory and reporting standards — every time. Utilize the ApolloLIMS QA module to track, document, and assign responsibility for each quality incident. Set up rules specific to your lab to monitor and report on the quality measures that matter most. Rules can be specific to submitting accounts, tests, or result values.

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More control leads to more automated, paperless laboratory processing phases and the knowledge that your lab is running according to local Standard Operating Procedures.

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Interoperability is here to stay. Streamline your operations by automating the flow of data. ApolloLIMS uses the HL7 protocol and APIs to communicate with any third party system, so you can exchange data with a range of EMRs, billing applications, and healthcare information systems.

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Now your lab can receive orders and send results with other systems, reducing manual work and improving workflow for both you and your customers.

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Sample Management

Easily find and retrieve specimens when you need them. The Sample Storage module helps you manage the resolution of pending specimens, add-on orders across departments and work benches, and enables movement of specimens between storage racks.

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Comprehensive sample tracking shows each time a sample moves, is added, or is discarded, providing your lab with the supporting sample throughput documentation it needs.

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Sales Analytics

Review sales operations data through our web-based portal. Aggregate data by rep, by individual account, payor mix, and more in a variety of graph formats based on real-time data from the ApolloLIMS database. Build a dashboard for information at a glance.

Document Imaging

It’s time to truly go paperless. Import any type of scanned document or image and associate it with a specimen/sample, customer account or instrument batch so all users have access from any location. No third-party system required.

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For high volumes, leverage the ApolloLIMS Batch Scanning and Image Automation / Workflow features to add intelligent processing to easily extract key words and results.

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Even More Features  

  • On-premise or cloud-based LIMS
  • Role-based security
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Differentiated, custom results reports
  • Levey-Jennings Chart / Westgard Rules
  • Auto-verification of results
  • Complete audit trail functionality
  • Support for diagnostic and billing codes including SNOMED, LOINC, CPT and ICD-10
  • Full barcode compatibility

A LIMS That Works the Way You Do

ApolloLIMS isn’t one-size-fits-all, because we know each lab has unique requirements. We get to know your lab first, and then put together a configuration and solution that makes sense for your business. And when your lab starts to grow, we’ll be there to help you make the right adjustments to scale.

Ready to Streamline Your Workflow?

See how ApolloLIMS can help you achieve the lab efficiency and accuracy you need to succeed in today’s laboratory marketplace.

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Overview of ApolloLIMS Laboratory Information Management Software