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ApolloLIMS for Clinical Labs

Manage throughput in the high-volume world of clinical testing.
Apollo has been an outstanding partner for our business. They are responsive to our needs, understand what it takes to run a successful lab, and their technology has helped us grow our business.
—Steve Collins,
CEO, QLabs

With Apollo’s Clinical Laboratory Software, you can:

  • Ensure quality and meet regulatory requirements
  • Differentiate your lab with custom requisition forms and reports
  • Configure your laboratory workflow to meet unique needs


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Apollo’s laboratory information management system provides a comprehensive audit trail of activity. Utilize our built-in Quality Control feature to ensure results accuracy and our Quality Assurance module to ensure your lab operates according to local Standard Operating Procedures.

We understand that ease of ordering and clear, well-laid out reports help differentiate your offering in the market. Build requisition forms and reports with our team and simplify how you connect to your customers with our Outreach Portal.

Apollo conforms to your laboratory workflow, rather than dictating your workflow. We offer a solution that fits your needs and then can expand with you as you grow.

The State of Clinical Testing

Clinical laboratories operate in an ever-changing market due to technological advances and economic pressures. There has also been significant consolidation in the clinical lab market and the barriers to entry for new players are significant. Yet, the need to help diagnose disease and other conditions from blood, urine or tissue samples will always be an important part of medical care. Per the frequently quoted lab industry stat: 70% of medical decisions are based on lab results.

The successful clinical lab has a broad and diversified test menu and manages cost as effectively as possible to improve operating margins. Further, intelligent use of technology to drive efficiencies in each area of laboratory operations from order to specimen receipt and analysis to reports is critical to sustaining success.

How ApolloLIMS Helps Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratories

We understand that the name of the game with clinical labs is accuracy and efficiency. With Apollo’s clinical LIMS software, you can track and monitor sample status from order to result, enabling comprehensive sample management. To improve throughput, we set up workflows specific to your lab and automate data collection from all of your instruments — even the new ones as you expand. And our rules-based system allows for configurations such as allowing critical test results to trigger a notification to contact a provider.

ApolloLIMS supports labs with multiple testing locations and is able to interface with all hospital and clinical lab software.

Key features include:

  • Auto-verification of results
  • Unique specimen IDs and barcode labels
  • Batch sample processing
  • Integration with all types of instrumentation and robotics
  • Quality Control – Levey-Jennings Chart / Westgard Rules
  • Custom, branded results reports
  • Billing system interface

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