LIMS for Molecular Testing

ApolloLIMS for Molecular Labs

Genetic testing sits at the center of the personalized medicine movement.
We are grateful the ApolloLIMS team has been so flexible with our needs. The customization of features and processes in the LIMS have helped us along the way and continue to allow us to grow at a fast pace.
—Chad Price,
Co-Founder / CEO, Mako Medical Laboratories

With ApolloLIMS for Molecular Labs you can:

  • Boost efficiency with workflows made for complex molecular testing
  • Integrate with genetic data interpretation vendors
  • Incorporate proprietary algorithms


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Apollo’s laboratory information management system supports all types of testing – PGx, CGx, PCR, NGS, etc. We work with your laboratory director and staff during implementation to ensure the best possible fit of our system to the required workflow of your lab.

There is no shortage of data when it comes to genetic testing. Making sense of and providing the requisite analysis of the data is critical for both providers and patients. ApolloLIMS gives you the ability to easily integrate with vendors who specialize in genetic data interpretation.

Have a proprietary diagnostic algorithm unique to your lab? The ApolloLIMS platform can easily consume complex algorithms and handle the calculations required for analysis.

The State of Molecular Testing

Recent molecular diagnostic innovations have allowed researchers and clinicians to identify optimal therapies for individual patients based on their unique genetic makeup.

It’s estimated that two out of every three oncologists use genetic testing to inform their treatment decisions. Another 25% plan to integrate genomic testing into their care routine in the coming year.

Whether Cancer Genetic (CGx), Pharmacogenetics (PGx), Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), or the use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), labs are driving the movement behind personalized medicine. As patient and provider interest and knowledge spreads, and as reimbursement policies are ironed out, there is no question that genetic testing will be at the forefront of the laboratory market for years to come.

How ApolloLIMS Helps

The ApolloLIMS platform is a proven and comprehensive solution in molecular diagnostic settings. There is very little we have not seen. With extensive know-how around the array of sophisticated instrumentation utilized in genetic testing, experienced personnel who have walked in the shoes of our customers, and a flexible, configurable system, ApolloLIMS is well positioned to assist laboratories of this type.

Learn How ApolloLIMS Works

Key features include:

  • Ability to transfer and analyze raw data
  • Integration with genetic data interpretation vendors
  • Instrument and robotics integration
  • Specimen storage
  • Custom requisition forms
  • Custom results reporting built to your specifications
  • Management & Ad Hoc Reports

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See how ApolloLIMS can help you achieve the accuracy and efficiency you need to succeed in today’s laboratory marketplace.

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