Expert Implementation Support

Each lab is different – the workflow, the strategy, the team. That’s why we provide implementation support that focuses solely on your requirements and goals.
ApolloLIMS has been a fantastic organization to work with. I’m a repeat customer having used ApolloLIMS at two previous labs. The team has extensive lab experience and they listen to and respond to our needs. I know I can count on them.
—John Guthas,
Laboratory Director, Encore Health

Guided by Proven Best Practices

We’ve been working in the laboratory industry for over 20 years, so we’ve seen what works. During implementation, our experts will help you configure your solution using best practices that have worked for all types of labs performing all types of testing.

Informed by Your Needs and Feedback

We bring best practices to the table, but your input is the most valuable factor in how we structure your implementation plan. We listen first and then make recommendations, because no one knows your lab better than you.

The Four Phases of ApolloLIMS Implementation

Our ApolloLIMS implementation process addresses four main dimensions that are critical to your success.


Before we start configuring our system, we build an understanding of precisely what you need. We work together with you to understand factors like your current workflows, your ideal workflows, and key commercial operations needs.


We ensure each team member knows how to use ApolloLIMS and how to get maximum value from the system. This phase includes onsite sessions as well as web-based training.

System Configuration

Once we have a clear picture of your lab’s needs, using the rules-based nature of ApolloLIMS, we configure the system to address all of your requirements. This includes setting up order processing, instrument integration, any third-party interfaces, and the building of your reports.

Launch and Support

After stringent testing and validation, we’ll help you go live with your new system and be there by your side Day 1. Once things are up and running, you’ll have on-demand support to answer any questions or resolve any issues that may arise.

Example Implementation Plan

Phase 1

  • Implementation Scope Review
  • Implementation Planning (Kickoff to Go-Live)
  • Onsite Visit: Kickoff and Discovery
  • Customer Data Collection (e.g., system configuration requirements, workflow details, testing definition, order code definition)

Phase 2

  • Environment Development
  • System Data Load: User Definition and File Definition
  • Report Development: Format, Branding, Data Requirements
  • Instrument Interface Development
  • Onsite Visit: Instrument Validation
  • Quality Control

Phase 3

  • Onsite Visit: System Training
  • Validation and Modifications

Phase 4

  • Onsite Visit: Go-Live Support
  • Launch
  • Post-Launch Support

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