Thank you for completing the Lab Readiness questionnaire.

Based on your responses, you fall within the Mid-Level Readiness range on the readiness spectrum. Members of this stage know what they need from a LIMS and have explored some solutions, but want to go deeper on factors like pricing and features before talking in-depth with a LIMS vendor.

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Key things to consider in the Mid-Level Stage of selecting your LIMS include:

  • Take a long-term look at your Features / Capabilities Needs
    • You likely know what capabilities are most important to your organization, but be sure that any vendor you evaluate isn’t selling “vapor-ware”.
    • Ensure the vendor is proven and has the depth of solution you need with no surprises post-purchase. Make a detailed checklist of current and future requirements.
  • Consider Internal Alignment & Resource Requirements
    • You’ve likely done a LIMS implementation before and understand that success is dependent upon cross-functional collaboration and executive buy-in. But, do you have the right team assembled to select your LIMS? Is there alignment regarding the requirements?
    • Do you have the appropriate resources allocated to the project once implementation is underway?
  • Choose a Financial Model that Works Best for You
    • Have you considered the various purchase options that best fit your organization – e.g., a traditional license model or a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model?
      • A traditional LIMS license model requires more capital upfront.
      • A SaaS model can create a manageable operating expense and can reduce the overall IT burden on your organization.
  • Define What You Need from a Vendor: A Transaction vs. A Relationship
    • As you select your LIMS, it’s important to consider whether you see this as a one-time transaction or the selection of a true technology partner that will grow with your business over time. Responsive, ongoing support cannot be overstated.


Some additional information that may be of assistance:

As you continue your research, know that ApolloLIMS is driven by two strategic tenets: 1) A commitment to innovation; and 2) A dedication to your success.  See what makes Apollo different, and contact us to request a demo and learn more about what the Apollo Alliance can do for you.

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