ApolloLIMS for Start-Up Labs

You’ve got plans for a new lab. We’ve got the experience, expertise and LIMS to help you achieve your goals.
ApolloLIMS is the leading LIMS in the country. As Qitek Labs’ CEO and a chemist, I have reviewed various LIMS options ranging from small to large operations. Choosing ApolloLIMS was simple – there is absolutely no comparison after reviewing alternative options.
—Zachary Husk,
CEO, Qitek Labs

With ApolloLIMS for Start-Up Labs you can:

  • Leverage our extensive lab expertise and responsive customer support
  • Build your lab your way
  • Ensure compliance


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We have helped numerous labs in the start-up phase and understand the challenging but exciting path ahead of you. Our team has deep lab experience and has walked in your shoes. We also understand you need someone to answer the phone when an issue arises. We’ll be there – service is at the core of all we do.

Your set up will be unique. We understand that and also recognize that budget may be tight in the beginning. So only buy what you need when you need it. Add Apollo optional modules such as Specimen Storage, Outreach Portal, Document Imaging, etc. when you’re ready and have the revenue and volume to support it.

Whether CLIA, COLA, or CAP, this is one area where you cannot afford any missteps. ApolloLIMS will ensure your lab is ready to confidently meet all regulatory and quality requirements.

The State of the Start-Up Lab Market

Demand for lab services is being driven by new testing methods and the emergence of personalized medicine. As a result, the lab market remains a huge area for investment and new labs continue to open all over the country, particularly specialized reference labs and labs that are marketing new laboratory developed tests.

Genetic testing is expected to see substantial growth in the near future due to growth in awareness and acceptance of personalized medicine. Advancements in testing techniques, increasing adoption of genetic testing by physicians, and the increasing application of genetic testing in oncology in particular will all drive market growth and, in turn, the creation of new labs. However, stringent regulatory requirements for test / product approvals are a market reality in the short run and labs will need to manage their growth plans carefully.

However, the genetic market represents only one segment of a vast lab industry. New start-up labs can still be found in the clinical, toxicology, environmental, water quality, food and beverage and cannabis sectors, where a commitment to accuracy, efficiency and operational excellence can lead to a profitable business.

How ApolloLIMS Helps

The most compelling feature of ApolloLIMS for start-up labs is its flexibility. We understand you have unique needs and we have the flexibility to accommodate those needs. We also can assist with anything required to automate your laboratory processes end-to-end, from order to specimen receipt to processing to analysis to reporting. We’ll ensure you have a solid technology foundation in place as you launch your business.

But perhaps most importantly, with ApolloLIMS, you will find a consultative partner with experienced personnel who know what it takes to run a lab and know the importance of a reliable, comprehensive LIMS to your business plan. We’ve been there. Our goal is to enable your success.

Key features include:

  • SaaS pricing model to limit upfront investment
  • Instrument integration
  • Outreach Portal for ordering and reporting
  • Sales analytics
  • Management reports
  • Billing system interface
  • Onsite training

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